U.K. Trips

Following an enforced break the CluainUltaigh show dogs headed to the U.K., specifically to the S.K.C. show in Edinburgh. Unfortunately Semitar Spice Dream at CluainUltaigh (Benji) was not placed at the show but to our delight Fearnach Blue Rhapsody (Shadow) was placed 3rd in his Class and qualified for Crufts. At this time Ed and Thelma Cushley, who kindly transported Ruthe and the CluainUltaigh Show dogs to the show, qualified Milesend Corndolly for Crufts as she was placed second in the class. We both want to thank all who made this trip possible for Ruthe as she was still recovering from major surgery, firstly Ber McCarthy who drove Ruthe to Dublin and then to Ed and Thelma who collected Ruthe and the dogs from Dublin and took them on to the show in Scotland.  Many many thanks to these people, they are true friends. 

The Sheltie tour bus headed to the Leeds Championship Show which was held at Harewood from the 22nd to 24th July 2011 with the Pastrol Group being held on the Saturday. This was our first trip to Leeds and to Harewood, though Benji had been to the venue before and had won best Puppy Dog in 2010 with Ed Cushley and following this trip, we will be back!

The results went as follows

Fearnach Blue Rhapsody (Shadow) in Puppy, was 3rd in a strong class, no disappointment at all and he showed really well.

Semitar Spice Dream (Benji) in Yearling was unplaced but it was one of the strongest classes of the day and all the placings had very full coats, Benji did not have a full coat but he showed extremely well and did not disappoint us

Semitar Winter Moon (Sky) in Minor Puppy bitch was shown by Ruthe for Ed and Thelma Cushley and was unplaced but again this was a very strong class and this was Skys first time out with Ruthe and Sky's nervousness did show, but again we did not feel any disappointment but pride in the way she performed.

Lastly was Milesend Corndolly (Lacey) in Junior, being shown by Joyce Miles for Ed and Thelma,  Lacey was placed 4th, this was an excellent result for a first time out without Ed and for a bitch just regaining her coat and travelling with  strangers.

This was a fantastic experience for all of us and even though we did not get better results we will definately travel to this show and possibly others in England in the future.

We would both like to thank our fellow exhibitors for being so very kind, from Elspet Parker through to Ann and Clare Stafford and many more, to the poor people who could not understand a word I said due to my funny Northern Irish/Cork accent and lastly to Joyce Miles who stood and talked to two novices for what must have seemed like a lifetime to her.