A very sad day at CluainUltaigh with the news from Lorraine that Alpha or as he was called Jake has passed over the rainbow bridge. To get this news was just terrible and brought many a tear to the eye in our house. Run free man you will be missed by all you touched with your larger than life personality.

Semitar Eddies Queen Bee or the loving 'Kairi'. This beautiful dog came in to our lives and what an effect she had. Always full of life and love and from the first minute Heathers pride and joy. She was the smartest of all our shelties and was really good at tricks, obedience and was taking to agility like a duck to water. She is sorely missed by every dog and human in the house from Logan, to lacey but especially by Shadow, a little boy lost.

Run free little girl how we all miss you so.

Though not a Sheltie, the elder statesman Logan passed on, a great friend to us all and the boss of all our dogs. Rest well big man you are missed by us all.

Once again sadness hit our little kennel with the   passing of Diesel, or first dog into the house, recued in Lisburn with about 5 minutes before being put to sleep this girl had such an influence on us all.

To say we miss you is an understatement your passing has upset the house dogs and humans. Please look after Logan and Kairi like you did on earth, ' Sweetpea' you gave love and protection to all you met run free my girl.