On Saturday 12th May 2012 the CluainUltaigh Show dogs travelled to Dubin to attend the All Ireland Shetland Sheepdog Club Championship Show. This show saw the debut of our new bitch Ellenyorn Heavensent to CluainUltaigh (Ashleigh) to the Irish dog show scene. Though first up was Fearnach Blue Rhapsody at CluainUltaigh (Shadow) who to our delight won a strong class. Next into the ring was Semitar Spice Dream at CluainUltaigh (Benji) who was placed 4th again in a very competative class.

In the Green Star Challange Shadow, to Ruthes delight was awarded the Green Star, this was met by a great cheer from all those watching.

Then it was time for Ashleigh to appear in the ring and in a strong class she was placed 4th, considering how little time she and Ruthe had together it was an excellent result.

Next came the challange for BOB and when Shadow was awarded this honour the cheers never seemed to stop.

We would like to thank Judge Patricia Johns (Ottaberry) for selecting Shadow, we both would like to thank all those who wished Ruthe and Shadow congratulations on the day and all their support.