This page is dedicated to all those who have helped Ruthe in her quest to become a Shetland Dog Breeder and exhibitor.

Firstly we need to thank Thelma and Eddie Cushley (Semitar) for all their kindness, help, advice, constructive criticism and their limitless patience. They have been an unending source of knowledge and help, but our biggest thanks go to them for letting us acquire Semitar Spice Dream (Benji) early in 2010. Unfortunatley our friend Eddie Cushly died, June 2012, after a year-long illness, the kindness he showed to us can never really be repaid as even up to a few weeks before he passed away he was still advising and helping. His presence will always be with us, he will be missed by us but also by so many others. As ever Thelma has been continuing to help advise and in general be the same person she always has been despite the pain of the past year, thank you Thelma.

We would also like to thank Damian Mc Donald (Fearnach) who has been helping Stephen at the shows and giving him a lot of grooming advice and help both in and out of the show ring. He has kindly shown Shadow for us as we have two dogs in the open class, many many thanks Damian you are a gentleman.

Ruthe would personally like to thank Maxine Bray who has been such a good friend and in the early days of learning to cope with rescue dogs she was always there with endless knowledge of dog behaviour.  Maxine I learned so much from you.

Next we would like to thank all our fellow exhibitors, in the early days especially Mr P Curtin, Jerry Kelleher, Peter Farrell and many more,  who really helped Ruthe get used to the 'Show' environment always encouraging and helping. Without these people helping it would have been all to easy to give up.  Always at the end of a phone or email is Ber Mulley.  Ber has been so kind.  Ber and Donal O'Donoghue run the ringcraft classes as Ringaskiddy but Ber is more than just a class instructor.  Thank you for your kindness.